Saturday, June 1, 2013

Children's book cover

This is the final cover for my children's book about working animals!
Lots of animals working on the front. And the lazy unemployed sloth on the back, 
as a contrast to the working ones. The Zebra on the back is "working" as a barcode :P

This was a lot of work..I was a little nervous about the cover in the beginning. I struggled with it in the sketching process. But it came around after a while. It's made in watercolors primarily. I made each element separately and put it all together digitally. In the end i'm quite pleased with the outcome. 

The book is published by Cappelen Damm publisher (the badger is digging up their logo) And will be available for purchase somewhere in june. 


  1. This cover is so great - especially the zebra(!) Looking forward to read it. Good job!

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    2. Thank U!! That means a ton:D

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